A study carried out on HLA and DNA polymorphisms in a sample of 117 Asturians does not show significant differences at allelic level with peninsular or European populations even though certain divergences were found for the HUMTHO1 allele, among Asturian and other peninsular populations (Marco and col. 1992).

More significant value has the studies of genetic markers studied of the HLA at the level of haplotypes. Among the haplotypes present in the Asturian population, the dominant is AH7.1 (HLA-A3 / B7 / DR15), which is very common in Galicia, southern Great Britain and Ireland; The AH44.2, typical of the Atlantic regions; The usual AH18.1 in the Mediterranean and the AH8.1, frequent in Central European regions and Scandinavia. Other haplotypes, such as that formed by HLA-A11 / B27 / DR1, typical of the Basque population is also relatively frequent in Asturias. Other DNA markers not as polymorphic as the above indicate a similar distribution, although not as marked as in the case of HLA. A study with 5 STRs shows a distribution in Asturias similar to that published by Carracedo et al. In the Galician population (A. López, 2004).

The coincidence of the dominant haplotype AH / .1 (HLA-A3 / B7 / DR15) in Asturias and its high frequencies, also in Galicia, Ireland and southern Britain, seems to indicate a degree of communication and genetic exchange in that area coinciding with a Celtic cultural support, even though this cultural unity does not necessarily imply a racial unity and it would be necessary to investigate beforehand what happens with many other markers. The results presented in this HLA and DNA system seem to confirm what was said above on the Asturian heterogeneous substrate.


“Los Asturianos. Raíces culturales y sociales de una identidad: Bases bioantropológicas de Asturias: polimorfismos sanguíneos en la población de Asturias”; Pedro Gómez Gómez, Oviedo 2005.

Spanish to English translation:

Fernán Morán.


1st.- DNA molecula. Source: google.

2nd.- “Tree of Life”. Author: Payton Mackenzie



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