AH! and also A!

In Asturian, this pan-Asturian  interjection is used to accompany vocatives in daily language, with the meaning of ‘Listen!’:

‘¡Ah, Tomás!’, ‘¡Ah, Susu!’, ‘¡Ah, ne!’ (Hey, girl!), ‘¡Ah, nin!’ (Hey, man!), etc.

This same linguistic phenomenon of invocating happens in modern Irish Celtic with the same interjection: A!

‘A Tomas!’, ‘A Iossa!’, ‘ A vean!’, ‘A gasúr!’, etc.

Needless to say that this is an archaism of the Asturian language, common to Irish Celtic.


BUAL< gwou-al, which means “the place of the cattle”.

Irish Celtic of güei: bo < gwou-, which means ‘cow’ or ‘cattle’.

This  translation of Bual shouldn’t be surprising, as the people of this area of Asturies are and were cattle farmers of Celtic origin, as is proven by the Celtic settlement of Cuaña.

BUSTARIEGA<gwousta, which means ‘place of the cattle’. There are many toponyms of this type (<gwou-) in the mountainous region of the Pésicos, naming the place where the cattle grazes and shelters itself.:

Bustavernego (<gwousta-) ‘place where the cattle stay in winter’.

Other examples: Buspilde, Buxonte, Buxane, Busmargal, etc.


DOIRAS <douras<dour-, which means ‘water’, ‘stream’

Modern Briton Celtic: dour, which means ‘water’, ‘stream’.

Modern Irish Celtic: dobur<dour, which means ‘water’, ‘stream’.

Modern Eastern Asturiano: Dobra<doura<dour-, which means ‘water’, ‘stream’.

Welsh Celtic: dwrf<dour, which means ‘water’, ‘stream’.

Modern English hydronym: Dover <dour, which means ‘water’, ‘stream’.

Only this base, ‘dour-‘ , ‘water’, ‘stream’ exists in the Western periphery of European Celtic languages and in Asturian Celtic, as well as in Castilian Celtic.

” The Linguistic Pre-Roman Asturiano”; Manuel G. Menéndez Nadaya.

Asturian to English translation:

Martisa Solares.


1st: Photograph of the Asturian village of Bual, in the council of the same name.

2nd.- Photograph of the Doiras river in Asturies.




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